Sunday, May 19, 2013

What to Plant on an Eroding Embankment?

This morning on our weekly trek to Lowe's, we saw one of the master gardeners who sees our faces every time we step in that door, which is literally every weekend and sometimes a weekday.  She greets us with the lovely "hi, planting again?", and I reply with a "yes, I've got to check your weekly clearance rack you know".  She probably thinks us a bit off, but I don't care.  There is a certain limitless feeling of excitement in what I can do when I walk through that garden center.  And aside from any sale items, Al and I are planning... again.  We are always planning!

The house didn't come fully or even partially landscaped, and with all the rain that we've had over the past two weeks, the embankment at the back of the house is eroding.  Grass is having a tough time taking hold, as the rain washes it out and our clay soil turns to a thick liquid when left unattended.  I would love to put up a retaining wall at one end but that would require more money and expertise than we have at the moment.  The most logical plan would be to plant some low-lying shrubs, grasses and flowering perennials to help secure the ground so that it doesn't wash out after a heavy rain storm.  Here are some ideas:

 Bee Balm

Emerald Gaiety Euonymus (we have this in the front already)


Blue Star Juniper - it has a soft, fluffy feel to it

Little Bluestem - I think I have this in the front too

Perennial Geranium


Purple Fountain Grass

Day Lillies

I think a mixture of textures, heights (none above 3 feet), and colors will look lovely!