Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adventures in Moving and Satellite

This has been an eventful week. Last Sunday my parents arrived from South Carolina to help out with packing and moving. On Tuesday the movers came to take all of our big items, which wasn't very much - enough to fill the smallest U-Haul truck. I called around Charlottesville to find the best deal. AAA Movers charged me $25 less than others and were also very nice and careful with our things. As far as the heat goes, it was probably the worst week to move. Everyday this past week has been in the upper 90's or low 100's. Thank goodness it wasn't us doing the moving... oh wait, we still had car-load after car-load of random crap.

I love a move for the simple reason that it allows you to truly see how many unneccessary things you have. Or, in our case to see what bad dusters we are! The apartment looks like a dingy dungeon compared to our new home. Dusty, dark, dirty, used. The remainder of the week was spent unpacking, cleaning, painting and doing other random jobs. Thanks to my Dad we now have faux-wood blinds (from Home Depot )along the whole front of the house. They have already proved to be a necessity. Next time they come we will do the back of the house ;+)

Master Bedroom

Upstairs Living Room

I have been handling all of this change fairly well and it wasn't until yesterday that I had a moment of weakness. Friday was spent twiddling my thumbs whilst waiting for the Direct TV installer to come and set-up. He never came. It turns out he had had am all-day nightmare of an install on Friday that required using bum equipment and many drilled holes. Thankfully the poor guy called yesterday morning and came to set up yesterday afternoon. At the same time, our Wild Blue satellite internet guy was setting up his dish. Anyway, Direct TV had to drill a hole through our wall and now we have two satellite dishes outside. All for being connected! Yay. Now to get used to all of those wires and dishes! 

Our set-up... not so bad.
I suppose country living requires that we make sacrifices.  They look like eyes don't they?

Curtis (from Direct TV) did a fabulous job and entertained us with his bold sense of humor the whole time. Gotta love a 20 year Navy veteran who goes into installing satellite dishes. It was refreshing to have someone carry on like a sailor! Otherwise, I think I would've had a breakdown - this week's events were heavy and the thought of someone drilling into our new wall was stressing me out. 

He did a nice job.  Apparently, it's the "butt-plug" that gives it this clean look.  I think I'll put a plant in front of this!

The guest bathroom turned out beautifully. All it needed was about 3 coats of paint. "Dovetail" blue is elegant but bold and looks nice against the bright white trim and bath. The blinds also look great! Thanks Dad and Mom for your DIY skills. Oh, and never underestimate the power of paint splatter! Goof-Off is great for that... careful on the light switch plates though - it eats right through ;+) Not an expensive mistake though, thankfully.

Can anyone spot the carboy?