Friday, July 5, 2013


As I sit typing this post, with Honza the Cairn Terrier stretched out on my legs, I look out at our garden and have to suppress a gasp of wonder.

Perhaps it is a defence mechanism, but I had mentally prepared myself for stunted growth, wilted vegetables, and soil that would make a better clay pot than growing medium. As things stand, I would say all that turning the soil over, digging in compost, and building a deer fence has been worth it. I keep hearing this phrase about corn, that it should be 'knee high by the fourth of July', my knees much be on the top of my head in that case as it is easily six and half feet at the moment. Looking at all this growth though makes me think about all the people that have inspired and helped us on our way, whether or not they knew about it.

Probably our primary source of inspiration and help has been the many books we have bought and read over the years in preparation for having our little plot of land - minor aside, the combined area of our vegetable beds is about 360 square feet, or 33.4 square metres, which is bigger than our first apartment together in Prague. So I thought that I would give some shout outs to people that have inspired or been mentors to Ash and I.

I can't remember the first time I watched Escape to River Cottage, but I was hooked instantly. I love food and I love cooking, so a show about how to make food better by growing your own was always likely to keep me coming back for seconds. As a result of watching the various series, I own The River Cottage Cookbook, and have plans now that I am working again to buy a few more of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's books, as well as a box set of dvds, here's one of my favourite clips...

Just after Ash and I left Prague to come and live in Virginia, we were in a Cracker Barrel having breakfast and as I wandered around the little shop that is part and parcel of the Cracker Barrel experience, I noticed a book which has become something of a go-to reference work for me, The Backyard Homestead. With loads of advice on how, where and what to grow, this book has been an invaluable source of knowledge for us, as it's dog eared corners attest. With plenty of recipes for many of our favourite foods and drinks, it is a book we come back to time and again.

Just after we moved to our house we met our neighbours Michael and Audrey Levatino, who own a farm called Ted's Last Stand, and bought their book, The Joy of Hobby Farming. As well having a book which we dip into with regularity, Michael and Audrey have been a very real help to us, with plenty of advice and a fair bit of reassurance that we are doing ok at this whole growing our own food malarky.

Given that we are starting to pick cucumbers and tomatoes from our plants, we have learnt plenty, though have plenty more to learn we're sure.

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